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There are various committees in Southern Alberta which handle various aspects of community life as it pertains to local municipal organizations, intercommunity collaboration, County and Provincial Government, local healthcare and housing, and economic development. Some of these committees have community representation by members of the Village Council. Here is a list of some of the main committees and the Village Representative.

Village Mayor and Deputy Mayor are chosen once a year from council members at the annual organizational meeting.


Southwestern Alberta Mayors and Reeves - Attended by the mayor or a designate.

AUMA - Alberta Urban Municipalities Association - Meetings and Annual Convention Jim Willett

SouthGrow Regional Economic Development - Board Meets Quarterly - Councilor Jim Willett who is also Executive chair and attends monthly exec meetings.

Quad Municipality Healthcare Support Committee-Mayor Scott MacCumber

Milk River Watershed Council - Mayor Scott MacCumber

Coutts and District Recreation Board - Mayor Scott MacCumber

Highway Four Economic Corridor - Mayor Scott MacCumber

HandiBus Society - Councilor Steve Pain

Public Works - Councilor Steve Pain

Coutts and District Library Board - Councilor Steve Pain

ORRSC - Oldman River Regional Services Commission - Councilor Tanya Smith

Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority - Councilor Tanya Smith

Emergency Services - Councilor Tanya Smith

FCSS - Family and Community Support Services - Councilor Megan Payne

Ridge Country Housing - Councilor Megan Payne

Canadian Badlands - Councilor Megan Payne